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tv   News at 5pm  KTVU  January 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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fans. >> i can't wait for next year. >> we can come back and win. >> reporter: many hoping for a wave or a autograph. >> if i could get a glimpse -- [ talking at the same time ] >> say thank you. appreciate them. >> reporter: while they are sad to see the end of candlestick park, they will embrace the new levi stadium. >> 9er fans for life. >> i think they will be better next year. >> almost seems like the fans don't want to go home. going don't want to go home -- fans don't want to go home. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a 49er fan in fresno opened fire on other guests at a party
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when they taunted him after yesterday's loss. the 39-year-old was among 15 people at the party. he pulled a knife but had it taken away and then he went to find gun. >> escalated into a bedroom -- grabbing a gun and firing. >> investigators say he shot two men, 63 and 45, in the legs. they found him later at a emergency room seeking treatment for stab rooms and they arrested him. >> one moment last night has everybody talking. the comments by richard sherman about 49ers receiver michael crabtree. >> when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree, that is the result you will get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. >> richard sherman's comments
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came after he deflected the game winning touchdown pass. there is a bay area connection, he went to stanford, coming up, how one interview is creating a firestorm and what richard sherman is saying about it today. the crews receiverred the body of a rish -- recovered the body of a fisherman today, he drowned, a wave took his ice chest into the water and the man went in after it. the body washed up 20 minutes later. authorities are working to confirm his identity. another sunny day around the bay area and that means no rain in sight. ktvu's rosemary orozco is here. >> there is no relief. let's back track. in december we had one day where we recorded a decent amount of rain. now in january earlier this month some of us received a few
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100ths but the week ahead is dry. i will show you here. all the way into sunday and notice it is just extremely dry. ridge of high pressure in place and there goes the storm track, over california, oregon and washington. we are not only dry, we are warm. coming up, who set records for today. charging for tap water at a restaurant is one of the changes that could come in the face of mandatory water restrictions. >> live in santa cruz with how people are dealing with the drought and why residents should take note here. >> reporter: just like the rest of california santa cruz is sunny and dry. it is beautiful here. but the water restriction underway here in santa cruz could be coming to a neighborhood to you. >> reporter: if you want to
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wash it down -- >> we have a sign at every table. let them know water is upon request. >> reporter: governor jerry brown asked all californians to conserve friday by declaring a drought but santa cruz has been coping for longer. >> two years. >> the summer's water restrictions have spilled into winter. people are required to blow or sweep driveways instead of hosing. irrigation only before 10:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. a few of the restrictions if ignored could result in fines. a warning for your first offend and up to $500 after. he is visiting from san francisco. >> i consider san francisco to be one of the more environmentally conscious. i have been shocked to see lack of concern i have seen. >> reporter: he thinks fines
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are the catalyst to conservation. >> hitting the pocket book is the easiest way. >> reporter: as residents try cut over all water use by 5% they hope other communities will too. >> we need help here. that is a big thing. i mean, water is most important for us. >> reporter: if consideration isn't enough -- >> we might charge them, you know, they pay us for water. like a soda or a drink. we have it charge them if we have this problem. >> reporter: at santa cruz memorial, the water bill for airigation is $8,000 a month -- irrigation is aith thousand dollars a month. the owner may -- $8,000 a month. the owner fears the worse. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >> we asked the city how much it would cost if you use too much water. the first time a warning.
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the second time 100 fifty. and the second time 250. if you use a million gallons of year the numbers triple. most americans use a 10th of that. coming up at 6:00 p.m. dry and warm. why the drought isn't the only thing farmers worried about -- farmers are worried about. . rare winter burn -- winter burn ban is in effect. that means it is illegal for residents to burn. officials say because of the dry conditions they are bracing for a potentially busy fire season. >> i like to think we are not going to be busy but we will be running more vegetation fires than we typically would and i urge people to be cautious. >> they have an extra 125 firefighters on -- firefighters on stand by.
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authorities are cleaning can opsewage pill -- cleaning up a sewage spill. 200 gallons spilled. a blocked sewer line caused the spill. some of the sewage stayed in the creek. samples of the water are being taken. fire crews in southern california are making progress against a wildfire that broke out last week. the fire is now 84% contained and they expect full containment by wednesday. the fire burned 2,000 acres and destroyed 15 homes. the fire was started by a illegal camp fire by three men. they have been arrested but haven't been charged. for the second time this month a mother must make funeral arrangements for one of her children, both gunned down. ktvu's rob roth is live with the mother's plea for peace in the wake of such violence and
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heart break. >> the mother is numb with grieve. two children gunned down within days of each other. >> reporter: four days after attending one of her children, she visits the corner where her other child was burned down. he was shot to death sunday as he sat -- sunday as he sat in a car. his friend was also killed. a dozen bullets were fired into the caw -- car. >> therapeutics who are raising these -- the parents who are raising these killers. parents know what their kids are doing. >> reporter: she is in a state of disbelief. three weeks ago on new year's eve her younger son was shot to
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death as he was walking home with friends. his funeral was thursday. >> i know there is a god but why would he give a mother so much fine handle. >> reporter: he was planning to start classes tomorrow where he planned to study music and business. instead she must plan another funeral and she had this message. >> i don't want street justice. i want justice through the court. >> reporter: police are looking into weather the shootings are connected in any way. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. police are on the look out for a man who posed as a city water employee and scammed a woman out of jewelry. ktvu's cristina rendon is live with details on how the woman was victimized even though the man never left her sight. >> reporter: it was in broad day light this burglary
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happened here. the woman asked us not to show her home but she wants neighbors to be on the look out. she was burglarized when she was approached by a man saturday afternoon who claimed he was with the water department. he told her there was a problem with the water line-up and he wanted to check if there was water in her home. he started talking to someone on his cell phone. that is when the man called an accomplice to start stealing from the woman. she noticed several pieces of jewelry that were stolen that had been in her family for 50 years. >> i feel very violated. it was a friend of mine and it just broke my heart because she didn't deserve it. >> reporter: police say water employees will be in an
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official truck and will have a shirt on with a logo. they are asking other victims to come forward. cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news out of nebraska. two people have been killed in a plant explosion and other workers are accounted for. there was a explosion, a fire and a building collapse at a company that produces feed for live stock. there were 38 people in the abuilding at the time. -- in the building at the time. at this point it is unclear what caused the explosion. it isn't peak season yet but a group keeps getting sick with the flu. we dig deeper and find out why it is hitting them hardest. >> the scandal surrounding governor chris christie starts to touch more people but not all are taking it lying down. >> a routine day turns into a
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sacramento police helicopter had to make an emergency landing in a park today after a warning light came on. the helicopter was following the martin luther king, jr. march. the pilot put the chopper down on a little league field. >> they found spot can put it down here. >> the sacramento police mechanics checked out the helicopter before removing it. man holding a woman hostage and threatening to boun a house -- to burn a house down.
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he told officers he had gas and wanted to burn down the shred. officers convinced him to release the woman and he lit the shred on fire. >> he refused to come out. >> he is held on a felony. no bail. he was arrested for arson, resisting arrest and making criminal threats. a lack of outlets to charge electronic vehicles is causing problems in the bay area. managers say 61 people drive electronic electronic vehicles to the office but there are only 16 charging stations. people are unplugging some cars while they are being charged and that makes drivers angry. a company says businesses should provide one charging station for every two
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electronic vehicles. continuing coverage on allegations against governor chris christie. still considered a contender for the presidential race in 2016. a second mayor accused him of political bullying. >> reporter: she did not mince words. >> the suggestion that anyone would hold back sandy relief funds for any reason is wholly and completely false. >> reporter: over the weekend the democratic mayor of hoboken said she approached her in a parking lot in may with a direct message from governor chris christie. >> pulled me inside and said, you know, essentially, you got to move forward. >> reporter: she was told if
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she didn't support the project her town wouldn't get relief money for super storm sandy. one republican defending governor chris christie is haley barbour. >> why was she sending out all these tweets that said one thing that was totally different? >> reporter: he said she did not feel comfortable talking till others spoke out first. these allegations just add to governor chris christie's problems. he is still trying to dig himself out of the bridge gate scandal. the mid-west is bracing for another day of cold tomorrow. in minnesota they take a different attitude about it, they go ice fishing and have a
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drink. this is the hillbilly's ice hole. the bar opens up on winter weekends when the ice is thick enough. and when the weather gelts bad they snowmobile home. we are experiencing the warmest weather in the country. rosemary orozco is in for bill. we got it good. >> you are right. meanwhile on the other half of the country they are stuck with the rain and the snow and the arctic air that keeps pouring in. showing you. we have got it. dry, mild. we can't find any rain in sight but the trough over the mid- west and east they will continue this way as we get into tomorrow and into wednesday as it continues to move off to the east. take a look right now. take a look at the temperatures, chicago. 22 degrees. 4 degrees in minneapolis. you will notice how it begins
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to sink, that shade of white. do you see that? we are talking single digit readings. falling below zero for some of the upper mid-west and then it will move into the northeast. at home, mild, dry. moderate air quality for today. no spare the air alert. san francisco downtown tying a record. concerned field broke a record. -- kentfield broke a record and napa 71 for the afternoon. ridge of high pressure in place. seeing a few changes. take a look. fog along the coast line today. and it is still there in some areas. we cleared out from ocean beach, pacifica. half moon bay. sunny in santa cruz but it had an impact on charities along
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the coast line. we have an off shore breeze. half moon bay, westerly breeze 7 miles per hour and take a look at the change at half moon bay, 48 degrees right now. the rest of us are in the 60s. a change going on along the coast today. tonight clear and cool. we will see the patchy fog along portions of the coast. sunny, mild tomorrow. and little change through the next few days. possibility of off shore winds thursday. we will track it for you. it could heighten our fire  danger concerns. tonight san francisco upper 50s. 6:00 p.m. low 50s later this afternoon. extended forecast here. take a look. numbers not going to change. tuesday, wednesday a repeat. we have a system that will drop into nevada. that will kick up the winds and
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bring the possibility of breezy conditions for thursday. but you are extended forecast with the bay area weekend, no rain in sight for the week ahead and the long range models, dry weather in for the final week of january as well. >> amazing. >> there is nothing. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. the freedom train will ride again. >> what was supposed to be the last year for the train that honors martin luther king but today organizers are promising another run next year.
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i have a dream. [ cheers and applause ] >> my little children will one day live in a nation -- i have a dream. >> delivered by this nation's foremost civil rights leader. martin luther king, jr. every year is set aside to honor dr. king. today is that day. events took place all around the bay area to honor doctor king. >> a community breakfast. 400 people attended. >> this is one of the most important events of the year. it really reminds us of our values here in san francisco when it comes to civil rights
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and human rights. [ music ] >> people marched to the high school for a morning rally. this is the 25th year of martin luther king, jr. day events. a thousand people road the freedom train from san jose to san francisco to commemorate this martin luther king day. that is down from 1200 last year and half the train's capacity of 1600. organizers were concerned they would not sell enough tickets and would have to cancel next year's freedom train but this morning they announced they will have the train ride again. >> i think it is important to make sure kids understand the importance of this day. >> from the station, the
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freedom train riders joined with others to march for a king day rally. >> you have seen how the bay area honored martin luther king, jr. today, how his daughters want this day to be a call to action. >> the state is about to pass a flu death milestone, unfortunately there is plenty of flu season to go. >> she what every -- he is what everyone is talking about, his connection to the bay area.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m.>> well, i am the best corner in the game! when you try me with a sorry receiver like crabtree that's the result you are going to get! don?t you even talk about me! >> many fans are outraged ahead of the biggest sporting event. on fire tonight and some are saying richard sherman's rant after last night's championship game showed more than poor sportsmanship. ktvu's noelle walker says there
5:30 pm
are deeper issues at play here. >> reporter: you can find enough material to keep you busy all day long. there is everything from videos to articles to editorials. he has aced trash talking. >> colin kaepernick, michael crabtree. broken up. >> the play that put the nail in the 49ers playoff coffin. >> this game is over. >> reporter: today no one is talking about the 60 minutes of hard fought football. they are talking about the 20 second interview off the field. don?t you even talk about me! >> i thought it was outrageous. >> i got world record in my age group. >> reporter: she works with athletes to get them to peak
5:31 pm
performance. while trash talking can be self- motivating. >> what is the impression i am making? >> reporter: there are countless articles today about richard sherman's trash talking. some defending it, saying he might have seemed like he was on a rant, he might have just been trying out for the wwe. there is no shortage of opinion from fellow players. >> sometimes you need to shut your mouth. be humble. be gracious. >> reporter: to students. >> you love to see players believe in themselves. >> reporter: it is a double edged sward. his reputation got him an endorsement. >> trash talk is a distraction. >> reporter: richard sherman is trending on twitter too. >> i am the best corner in the game. >> reporter: where the discussion can get trashier.
5:32 pm
>> don't you ever talk about me! >> reporter: this afternoon richard sherman did issue an apology through espn. he said he is sorry for taking the attention away from a fantastic game and my teammates. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as the seahawks and broncos gear up for the super bowl, it seemed early betters have their own ideas. many putting their money on denver and sports books are making the broncos a two point favorites. more people are expected to put money on this game than any football game before. watch the super bowl right here on ktvu on sunday, february 2. kickoff at 3:25 p.m. the flu is taking its toll in the bay area. young people are ending up sick
5:33 pm
or dying. ktvu's tom vacar joins us live now from the hospital with the look at the latest numbers. >> reporter: the staff here at the hospital is able to handle whatever flu comes its way. but with all the bad news, guess what, it is getting worse. >> reporter: he has seen many flu seasons. >> we are about on the edge now of a significant upswing. >> reporter: so many folks are coming down with the flu the pharmacy will hold a flu kinic this -- clinic this weekend. especially for those under 65, those hardest hit. >> the peak time is in the next four weeks or six weeks. february typically is the highest month that we see flu systems. >> reporter: she says h1n1,
5:34 pm
swine flu season may last longer compared to last time it struck. >> that extended past april. we are anticipating this might be similar. >> the latest numbers suggest california's flu deaths will be the same as or greater than last year, which claimed 106 victims under 65. so far this season 45 flu deaths are already confirmed and another 50 still being investigated are likely flu victims as well. and with regular flu season expected to run to the end of march and h1n1 till the end of april more deaths than last year are expected, something already true in alameda county. >> we have a higher mortality. and we are so early into the season. high incidence and high mortality. >> reporter: why get a flu shot? takes about two weeks to build up the immunity so time is
5:35 pm
burning. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. there has been a surge in whooping cause. reports show cases jumped from a thousand in 2012 to 1700 last year. almost 83% were children. no one died but 99 went to the hospital. marine county was the hardest hit with 173 cass last year. out-- cases last year. new rules for recycling are making it tough for people who collect bottles and cans. a $200 load is now just worth $50. because they are just paying the minimum amount. the rules are meant to help the fund erase a $100 million a year deficit. police arrested two
5:36 pm
suspects accuseds of stealing wall -- accused of stealing wallimates, they took 140 -- walnuts. they took 140 pounds. grewers formed a task force to work with -- growurs formed a task force to work with is -- growers formed a task force to work with law enforcement. >> reporter: 49% of african american men were arrested by the age of 23. 24% of latino men and 38% of caucasian men. the study based the numbers on personal surveys. forget the snow suits, looks like bathing suit weather, how ski resorts are fairing. >> this woman's picture is postload over russia and the internet -- posted all over russia and the internet. >> coming up next, the new nickname for the super bowl is
5:37 pm
the bud bowl and it has nothing to do with budweiser beer. ó@ó
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washington and colorado have more in common than winning football teams, marijuana is legal in both teams and #bud bowl is picking
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up steam. >> the team was coined -- it was coined in the '8s -- '80s. the president is speaking about his views on marijuana. >> he said both washington and colorado have an opportunity level the playing field on a crime where only some people are punished. he said middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot and poor kids do. he said we should not be locking up kids for long stretches of jail time when some of the folk whose are writing the laws have probably done the same thing. that interview was just published is in the new yorker.
5:41 pm
-- in new yorker. [ speaking foreign language ] >> kenneth bae spoke and said he wasn't treated poorly since his crime. he said comments by u.s. officials that are critical of north korea make his situation worse. he urged the u.s. to do their best to let him go home. flackeried an 85 -- fray freed an 85-year-old -- fray freed an 85-year-old and he said his apology was coerced. the holiday weekend is usually a huge ski weekend but since there is no snow this time not so much. how resorts and skiers plowed through despite the bad conditions. >> the mild weather will continue. we won't wake up like that tomorrow morning, though, how cold it will be. >> and with theorics a month a-
5:42 pm
- the olympics a months away, why security experts are worried about this woman.
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meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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a tale from the mid-west about the dangers of ice. a man tries to save his dog as he fell into the freezing water. the man got stuck and couldn't
5:45 pm
save himself. >> the dog gets out and he can't eget out -- get out. >> firefighters put on ice suits and reached the man in time. he was treated treated for hypothermia and the dog is okay too. russian authorities are combing the video made by a terrorist group that make as threat against the sochi olympic games. police are handing out a flier posed by a bombing threat. >> reporter: islamic terrorists say they have a present for vladimir putin and the sochi games. they are claiming responsibility for last month's suicide bombers in vole grad.
5:46 pm
there will be questions about information sharing. >> reporter: there are some operatives in sochi, they are looking for the black widow of a dead terrorist who is believed to have gone to sochi. thousands of tourists are expected to go to the game. the state department warned to be vigilant. >> there are other olympic venues outside of sochi that are vulnerable and there is only one airport there. >> this weekend vladimir putin said he is ready to do whatever it takes to keep sochi secure. the pentagon is drawing up plans should there be any kind of incident at the games. jonathan hunt, nox news -- fox
5:47 pm
news. >> her husband was killed in a shoot out with russian police. she has a scar on her cheek and a limp and her left arm doesn't bend. this is a photo of her. she claims responsibility for the bombings near sochi. today skiers took advantage of light crowds and machine made snow. but it wasn't the holiday weekend the resorts were hoping for. >> reporter: soda springs in the sierra. lately we all know the weather has been more conducive to swim suits and the negatives because of it they are continuing to add up. >> reporter: the mlk, jr. holiday is a profitable one and at ski resorts this afternoon we found lines, crowded parking lots and man made snow. >> busy for us.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: that is good news. >> yes. >> reporter: customers said crowds were nothing like you would expect for this holiday. >> a lot less than expected. >> warm. not much snow. not a lot of people. >> reporter: down the road, it was slower. this resort had to close weeks ago and with it jobs. >> normally we would have 100 employees working today. >> reporter: and now? >> you are looking at him. >> reporter: towing companies say the dry winter has seen their business plummet. >> normally how busy are you? >> we would be slammed. >> reporter: right now? >> right now it is like a ghost town. >> reporter: his business is down 50% because of the weather. he had to lay off everybody. >> tight all the way around. effects the entire economy. >> here is what it looked like
5:49 pm
sunday on the slopes. ktvu's claudine wong sent us this picture on vacation. there is man made snow and the slope is empty. ordinarily it would be very busy but there is not enough snow. let's go now to rosemary orozco. you have been looking all around and have yet to find decent snow. >> the numbers are dismal. let's look at the latest report on the snow pack. over the north sierra, 8% of average. central 16% of normal and southern sierra 22% of normal. not only bad news for skiers, the state depends on the water supply. let's hope we get some. we are dry and we are mild and in the last half hour i showed you a few areas breaking records today. livermore, mountain view, napa,
5:50 pm
oakland, downtown. these are the highs from the afternoon. 72 oakland today. 71 in fremont. 72 morgan hill. low 70ss for the north bay. 69 san francisco. pacifica 63 today. it had to do with patchy fog this morning and take a look at this hour, we have patches of fog. just south of half moon bay. a breeze right along the coast line brought that back to the coast on a larger scale. the wind continues for most of us. sunny skies with a ridge of high pressure in place and the storms out there not allowed to break through. the ridge deflecting the storm track and it will continue into the week ahead. there is the storm. notice how it moves up and it moves over. california, oregon, and over washington as well. this is into thursday. we have a weak system that is
5:51 pm
expected to drop down into nevada thursday. this could bring off shore winds to the area and that will heighten the fire concerns. we will keep note of that and track it between now and then. we will be dry with a light wind and temperatures tomorrow morning a cold start. 30 degrees in fairfield. 44 in oakland. 43 san mateo. below freezing in santa rosa. by the afternoon upper 60s. temperatures tomorrow like today. 71 pleasanton. south bay, 72 morgan hill. 70 esan jose. patchy fog long the -- 70 in san jose. patchy fog long the coast line. 67 in san francisco. little change up. numbers don't budge a lot. we could turn breezy on thursday. with your bay area weekend always in view, dry and mild throughout. low 70s with chilly over night
5:52 pm
lows. >> broken record. >> yes, i am. [ laughter ] >> that is the way it is. thank you. sun light has been thune lower blood pressure but researchers never -- shown to lower blood pressure but researchers never known why. it reacts to sun light, causing blood vessels to widen that lowers blood pressure. more studies are needed. don't just sun bathe to lower your blood pressure but spent -- spend some times out doors. good news in the new year about hiring. you be the judge of this controversial punishment.
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whether it is parenting or bullying, a mother in texas had enough. she made her son stand in the street holding a sign, i was suspended from school for cussing out my teachers. >> grounding is not working. i look a lesson, this is something he would have done to put the point across. that is what we are trying to do. >> he is a republican congressmen from texas.
5:56 pm
did edward snowden have help? he revealed how the government looks at phone records. lawmakers say somebody had to team up with edward snowden to pull it off. there is no way edward snowden could have done it alone. edward snowden is in russia. the country granted him asylum for a year. opponents of governor jerry brown are blasting budget plan. it includes adding 1600 jobs along with converting contract tech jobs into staff positions. they accuse the governor of doing the bidding of labor unions. furloughs ended in july and the state employees 17,000 fewer now than when governor jerry brown entered a office. thousands marched in honor of martin luther king, jr. today, king's family and president obama joined the
5:57 pm
country in honor his legacy. dr. king's original church in atlanta. >> reporter: a day of reflection for some and action for others. people taking time on monday to honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king. in atlanta dr. king's home church his daughter using the service as a call for action. >> as i look around this room i call upon each of you to ask yourself the question, are we afraid or are we committed to the work that must be done? we are here to commemorate the vision of a great man because where there is no vision the people will perish. >> reporter: president obama also focusing on helping others to honor dr. king's memory, participating in an event with the first lady in washington. vice president joe biden spoke at a memorial breakfast, highlighting the need for
5:58 pm
continued action on civil rights issues. >> dr. king, if you remember, you all do, 1965, said voting is the foundation stone for political action. >> reporter: parades, ceremonies and service projects. participates paying tribute to martin luther king's work, while looking for ways to carry his legacy forward. >> excited to spread the message of martin luther king, jr. now at 6:00 p.m., offense flyers, why police say it may be a hate crime. >> unspeakable grief after losing two children in three weeks to gun violence. hear what she wants done to stop the violence. >> the warm weather is frightening at this time of
5:59 pm
year. >> potentially expensive, how your wallet will take a hit during this spring like weather. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. someone is posting flyers showing oakland city counsel woman with a swastika on her forehead. i am ken wayne. >> gasia mikaelian. >> those flyers were plastered all over the village where she lives and grew up. ktvu's paul chambers has more. >> disgusting. racist. >> reporter: this was the last flying we found. >> i would like to tear it down. >> reporter: that is what she attempted to do. yesterday the flyers were on every pole in the area. >> i don't know who she and i don't know enough about her to
6:00 pm
have an opinion of her but i don't want to see it on display here. >> to see that image was -- wounded me. >> reporter: she says the image pause hurtful. especially in the areas where she was born and raised. she believes it is politically motivated. >> i believe the attack was personal and it was about my announcement to run as mayor. >> reporter: she supports the dac. she has many reservations butt the center. however another had similar signs with his image and a swastika posted over curfew. >> that is the rule. people have different ways of expressing their


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